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Joint Development Bank (JDB)

Established in 1989, JDB is one of the top banks in Laos and has been the leading bank for modern services and international standards in the country; with recognition from both domestic and international customers.

Their fast-paced growth has allowed them to expand not only regionally but internationally; such as their current branches in Thailand and Cambodia, and will be more in the near future. By their motto of “Blooming Together”, they strive to bring the greatest benefits to their customers, to the people of Laos and to support the country’s development.
SL Paripandh

SL Paripandh Company Limited is a private investment advisory company that branched out its earning into fee-based investment and development services. Under the leadership of Mr. Parichatr Yampandh, the Owner and the Managing Director of the company, SL Paripandh has facilitated numerous investment transactions across various industries, including acquisitions of two listed firms in Thailand’s Stock Exchange, property development in Bangkok and bitumen trading transaction to India.

In addition to forming an investment structure for the REIT of the 238 key resort hotel in Phuket, SL Paripandh is presently engaged to oversee the project management of two other development projects in Thailand, including an ultra luxury Condominium project by Chao Phraya River, and a retail arcade comprising of a 4-storey and 10-storey shopping buildings situated within the heart of Bangkok’s highest density commercial community of Chan Road, one of Bangkok’s Chinatown near Sathorn area with expansion plan for 38-storey high-rise condominium.

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